Thomas Levine of Scraperwiki, Speaker Series


Thomas Levine of Scraperwiki visited with the Advanced Online Media class on March 21, as the second in our Telling Stories with Data speaker series. Thomas went through a presentation on scraping data from the Web and then went through a hands-on exercise. The students got a lot out of his presentation. However, the timing was perhaps a little early in the semester. We had not yet covered some of the programming concepts that might have made this a more effective exercise. But we did get a sense of what can be done, and I think the students will have a better idea of how to get access to data in the future. The Scraperwiki site is a great resource, full of tutorials and examples that you can modify. It has an active community that is available to assist with projects, as well. I will be integrating these concepts more tightly into the curriculum in the future. We really appreciate the support we have received from Scraperwiki in providing Thomas as a guest speaker and involving us in other activities.

See excerpt from Thomas' presentation below.

We were very happy that Christian McDonald of the Austin American-Statesman (in foreground above) joined us for this workshop.